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Terms and conditions with specific regard to public liability insurance

Public Liability Insurance.
Bill Burnett Photography 2 Bleeding Heart Yard London EC1N 8SJ has no public liability insurance for hirers of the studio, we are not responsible for Health and Safety or Public Liability Insurance during the period of studio hire in that we are not responsible for actions or instructions given by the hirer which result in injury to any of the hirer’s entourage. Such is the same if a hirer were to use premises such as a hotel, bar, restaurant, office place, public transport etc. The hirer will ensure that Public Liability insurance cover for all its personnel and representatives, suppliers, models and actors is operative during the period of studio hire.
The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all models under the age of 18 have the correct authority to be at the studio for the purposes of the photography during the period of studio hire.
Parents must stay with and supervise their children, i.e. babies and toddlers and youngsters, at all times, this is a photographic studio, it is not a creche.

Bill Burnett Photography will hire all equipment belonging to the studio by agreement and it is insured but any damages will be charged at the minimum excess stipulated by the insurance company which is £75.00 per repair or replacement.

Bill Burnett Photography has no insurance for any equipment or personal belongings of a hirer or hirers colleagues under any circumstances and the hirer must take care to ensure that their own property is secure at all times. Bill Burnett takes no responsibility for losses suffered as a result of loss of electricity supply, loss of utilities such as water, sewage, telephone, wifi, or for flooding, etc.

Bill Burnett takes no responsibility for any noise nuisance or vibration nuisance from any part of our building or any building or roadworks in the vicinity. Notification will be made if I am aware of any impending nuisance that may adversely affect your work.

The booking is for stills photography only or video shooting by agreement but it must be acknowledged that the studio is not a sound stage and any sound recording will be subject to outside noise. It is generally quiet here but I cannot guarantee perfect silence at anytime.

A booking confirmation is for the specified dates and operating times only, all deliveries and collection of props and equipment connected to this booking are to be completed within the hire period unless agreed prior to booking.

Bill Burnett Photography is not responsible for the disposal of waste materials connected with this booking, ie packaging materials, surplus props, wallpaper, paint, timber etc.

All conditions will apply with or without the presence of Bill Burnett in the premises at the time of the hire.

Terms are payment will be arranged between Bill Burnett and the hirer.

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